Samsung Electronics Home Theater System is a 3D world of entertainment

Samsung Electronics Home Theater System is a 3D world of entertainment, and so much more – get ready to experience it, with the amazing 5.1-channel.

Samsung Electronics Home Theater System treat your eyes to captivating 3D depth and clarity – even upconvert existing 2D titles to 3D. Advanced “3Daudio depth” technology lets you experience the sounds that accompany the sights. SamsungSmart TV puts the power of the entire internet at your fingertips: browse websites, search content online and on your TV, and access Samsung TV apps. And built-in Wi-Fi means you’re ready to connect right away.
Read a review about this  Home Theater System written by  Benjamin S. Mitchell “Disney Fanatic” (Atlanta, GA USA)  as shown below.

I did a lot of research before buying this unit to replace an older JVC home theater system. I wanted “wireless” surround speakers, but didn’t want to sacrifice sound quality. We’ve had the system for about a month and we’re totally satisfied with it. The sound is superb and the picture quality is great, plus I have the capability of upgrading to a 3D television w/o having to buy a new DVD player (I’ll have to work on the wife to get that done, lol). For those unfamiliar with “wireless surround speakers”, they are not totally wireless. The system has a remote receiver that plugs into an electrical outlet and the rear speaker wires plug into it. It does eliminate having to run speaker wires across the room from the main unit, but you still have wires between the remote receiver and the speakers. I would highly recommend this system.

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