Select favourite paint for your car

What color is your car ? Car paint color choices are a reflection of one’s personal. Then you need to be careful when choosing a color, if you do not want other people to misjudge. Author of Color Answer, Leatrice Eiseman, says that there are strong ties between the selected color with personality.

Here are tips on choosing appropriate paint color of your personality:

1. Silver. You are an elegant person and like a futuristic appearance. Also among colleagues, you will usually be the most calm person.

2. White. In addition to comfortable with the look that looks clean, buff color is usually not the type to fuss. He will easily accept the existing input and through it without too much consideration.

3. Red. When in the user’s personality, who loved the color red is the dominant type, in car paint color selection is also not much different. Your use red to vehicles is someone who likes speed and have an overwhelming energy.

4. Blue. Like the sky, blue user has a personality that is calm and quiet. Blue also was asked as a color faithful to the spouse.

5. Black. Among all the color, this color has the most positive nature. Strong, not easily manipulated, elegant and appreciate all things traditional.

6. Green. Different again by voters as the color green color vehicle. You could say the same color as this leaves an impression as the holder of the conventional stuff.

7. Yellow. Although rarely use this color, you must know if someone users color of this vehicle is a fun kind of person.

8. Orange. Orange Brazilians is really nice and likes to open a conversation.

9. Purple. Last color in the composition of this rainbow eel as the youngest child. He will always try to be creative in face of obstacles that exist.

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