Tips to grow the creativity of children

 The potential of creativity is actually already owned by the kids since their birth. Parents and teachers must ensure their potential to develop optimally.It is said that the creative power is what determines one’s future ability to achieve success.

Here are tips to develop the potential which is hidden:

1. Free your child’s imagination, then guided him to express it through drawing, writing, story writing, movement, music or song. Look at the positive power of imagination or the imagination of children. If creativity is like a fish, then the imagination is the water.

2. Avoid labeling “bad boy”, “dreamer” etc. when a child is using his imagination.

3. Answer each question with a simple to satisfy the curiosity of children.

4. Be careful with any contest distinguished recent flare, creativity requires psychological freedom, that is, just follow the impulse at work, with no target should champion this and that.

5. Choose toys and games that challenge to be creative, not just enjoy the finished goods.

6. Put the child with art , for example, painting, music, drama, concerts and the like, for art wave resonance occurs in the soul of children.

7. Nature is the most sublime works of art. So bring your children with nature, such as forests, mountains, beaches and teach to appreciate it.

8. Recognize and praise the creativity that produced by child.

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